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"It's All NEUROpathophysiology"

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Course Description: This session will provide an in-depth discussion on the anatomical structures of the brain, the cognitive and communicative functions of the structures, the neuropathophysiological outcomes associated with traumatic brain injury, and how brain damage impacts cognition, communication, and overall functioning. Neuroplasticity will also be discussed as related to recovery and compensation. Audience: The course is appropriate for professionals and graduate students in allied health (SLP, PT/PTA, OT/OTA, nursing), psychology, medicine, special education, and social work and who work with persons who have an acquired brain injury. Learner Outcomes: 1) Identify the neuroanatomy of the healthy brain and its functions as related to cognition and communication. 2) Describe the neuropathophysiology of brain function following traumatic brain injury. 3) Explain how primary and secondary brain damage impacts cognition, communication, and overall functioning. 4) Explain neuroplasticity within the behavioral and neurophysiological aspects of recovery and compensation.

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